Breakfast Menu – CCS

A Catered Affair is Based on a Per Person Price. Start with $4.00 Per Person and Add From the Menu Below. There is a $8.00 minimum when ordering food.

Hearty Main $4.00 Per Person
Breakfast Burritos
Denver Omelet Bake
Biscuits & Gravy
Breakfast Scramble
Breakfast Casserole
Breakfast Quiche
French Toast Bake

Lighter Main $3.00 Per Person
Oatmeal w/ Toppings
Cereal Variety w/ Milk
Granola w/ Yogurt & Berries

Pastries $2.00 Per Person
Pastry Assortment
Bagels w/ Cream Cheese
Orange Crescent Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Assortment of Muffins
Assorted Breakfast Breads

Meat Sides $3.00 Per Person
Sliced Ham

Other Sides $2.00 Per Person
Fruit Salad
Assorted Berries
Fruit Wedges
Scrambled Eggs
Hash Browns
Potatoes Dijon
Yogurt Variety
Greek Yogurt w/ Honey

All Menus Include:

Coffee, Tea, Creams, Sugars, Juice of Choice, Plates, Cups, Napkins, Utensils, and Linens for Buffet Table

Coffee, Tea, and Juice Service Only — Available For $5.50 Per Person

Prices Do Not Include: 8.7% Tax.

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